Being an adviser at the Dover High Interact Program, it was a goal of mine to get an Interact Community Service program at Dover Middle School. Over the past year, with the help of our President Elect, Gregg Dowty and Dover Middle School Principal, Kimberly Lyons to create the Student of the Month program that recognizes a Dover Middle School student each month for above and beyond based on “service above self” through kindness and compassion to others in school or within their community.

The Rotary Club of Dover held it's first recognition ceremony this week as we honored our September, October, November and December recipients of the Rotary Club of Dover Student of the Month awards.

Remarks by Kim Lyons, Principal, Dover Middle School:

  • Program created in partnership with the Rotary Club of Dover Student of the Month program began this school year.
  • Selection of Student of the Month is done at a faculty meeting each month, any teacher or staff can nominate someone, then teachers vote.
  • Explained process and choreography of arranging for “surprise” announcements
  • Excellent way to acknowledge students who are doing excellent things. and how important it is to recognize students who do special things.
  • This year’s theme at DMS is “Compassion in Action”, such a powerful lesson.
  • Kids receive a recognition certificate and are told why they were selected, and also receive a long-sleeve shirt with Rotary logo, a $25 gift card, and $25 to a charity of their choice.
  • The goal was to get DMS involved and being recognized for the student's involvement in their school and the community.

Student of the month recipients were:


7th grader Luisa Pelletier – chosen because of kindness to others, and her charity chosen was the Dover Middle School Color Club, a group that gives back to the school.


8th grader Carolyn Schultz – a silent leader in school and on the field hockey field, always helping others, and her charity chosen was End 68 Hours of Hunger.


6th grader Sydney Lane – always helping other with a smile, and her charity chosen was Hope Memorial Society, formerly Cochecho Valley Humane Society.


6th grader Braydon Morton – spoke up on school bus to stop bullying, and his charity was the SPCA dog shelter.

Congratulations to all of our Student of the Month award winners as they are leaders and now able to share with others the importance of getting involved and showing "Compassion in Action."