1. How long have you been in Rotary?  

I had to check my files and was surprised to realize that in October I will have been in Rotary for 10 years.  The time has flown!

2. My favorite Rotary moments. 

My favorite Rotary moments are connected to service and fellowship.  In 2012 I went on a medical mission to Guatemala and had the opportunity to work with Rotarians from all over the world.  We were there for 14 days doing cleft palate surgeries.  It was amazing to see all the lives being changed by a small group of people.  I also enjoy any time our club members get together.  Whether for a meeting, to run Bingo or just to share in a social time – it’s always fun and lots of laughs.

3. Where I currently live and where I grew up.

I was born, raised and educated in NH.  My husband and I have lived in Dover for the last 27 years.

4. My Hobbies.

I like running, walking and hiking. I’ll bike and kayak – anything to get me moving outdoors.  If I have to sit still, I love reading and knitting.

5. My Business Profession or Current Working or Non-Working Environment. 

Eleven years ago I started my consulting business and have worked as a leadership consultant.  I provide Leadership and Management training and Executive Coaching.  Before March 2020, I traveled the globe to do my work.  Now I travel to my office and do it all virtually. 

6. Something my fellow Rotarians don’t know about me. 

Some people think this is crazy but my husband and I got engaged after knowing each other for just 6 weeks.  I guess sometimes you just know when it’s right.  We’ve been married for 33 years.  So far so great!

7. Final words. 

If anyone is considering joining Rotary, try it!   Go to a meeting or contact your local group.  It has been a wonderfully positive experience for me to be part of a group dedicated to helping others and I’m confident it would be for others.


It’s great to get to know our Rotarians!