Last year, the Rotary Club of Dover NH applied for and met all the criteria to be awarded a District Grant to have the City of Dover NH install bike racks in multiple locations throughout the City of Dover, including Henry Law Rotary Park Amphitheater & Gardens, Dover Public Library, City Hall, Dover Transportation Center, and other places in the Downtown Retail District.

In a post COVID 19 world, fewer People will be anxious to use public transportation. In addition many people have found that working from home is a more attractive alternative to the daily commute. at the same time, the city of Dover is experiencing a large influx of new residents who are young and active. These factors have and will contribute to an increase use of bicycles as a primary method of local transportation.

There will be some rocks described as “wave racks” intended for up to five bicycles. Additionally some racks are intended to use for one or two bikes that are designated to fit in with the downtown historic district design motif.

We estimate 25 to 50 people per day will use the bike racks at any given time which will mean up to almost 100 uses daily.

These racks are designed to be removed during the winter to ensure the investment will last a long time.

As you can see the racks through this grant show through the Rotary symbol that our Rotarians care about those in our community.