Posted by Marion Cheney on Jul 01, 2017

Letter from the President for 2019/2020, Melissa Lesniak, welcome to the Rotary Club of Dover!

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Dover!

For the past 94 years, the Rotary Club of Dover has met on Wednesdays for a lunch meeting in Dover, NH.  The locations and members have changed over the years, as one decade follows another, yet one thing is constant-our motto "Service Above Self".  These three words have a special meaning for Dover Rotarians who have generously given their time and toil throughout these years to provide over $2 million in support of projects and programs for local children and families.


I am so proud to belong to this great club of inspirational men and women and encourage you to learn more about the incredible work of Rotary, locally and in the world. 

Please join us for a meeting on Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. at the Goss Building, 121 Broadway, Dover, NH.


We welcome guests and invite people committed to "Service Above Self" to consider membership.  Find out if you belong!


Melissa Lesniak

2019/2020  President

Rotary Club of Dover, NH