With the screech of an air horn to end the evening Women’s League golf event, the outdoor celebration of Gregg Dowty’s year as President moved inside the club house. President, Gregg Dowty welcomed members and plus-ones in attendance. With our Bingo fundraiser back in play, Phil Rinaldi announced a 3-month net contribution from Bingo that we can use to give back to the community. With the annual golf tournament taking place on Monday, Gregg extended his thanks to Kathy Fink, the Golf Committee and all who participated in the brutally hot game. Upcoming meetings and events were announced, including the Rotary Open House to be held on July 7th at the Woodman Museum starting at 4:30pm. As we begin the new Rotary year, the motto will be Serve to Change Lives.

President Gregg’s “Wizardly” Year End Comments:

  • President, Gregg described 2020-21 as “an amazing year”- we set a goal of completing eight service projects and ended up with 28 projects!
  • The club exemplified Service Above Self during a challenging year, stayed connected and commited.
  • Gregg concluded his remarks and his year as President of the Rotary Club of Dover, NH, with a familiar tale about the Wizard of Oz that proved you don’t have to look for a wizard or follow a yellow-brick road to find people with brains, hearts and courage.
  • Rotarians are a collection of wise people who care about each other and want to make a difference.

You truly made a difference Gregg Dowty - thank you for an incredible year and incredible leadership!