1. How long have you been in Rotary?
I joined Rotary in The Great Marion Cheney year ( I’ll need your help with that).
2. My favorite Rotary moments:
My favorite Moments: to be honored with a PH from the club
The finalization of the Rotary Gardens ‘Forbes Memorial renovation Project. ( We came in $49.00 under budget!! Phew, --what a great committee!)
3. Where I currently live and where I grew up:
I was born and raised in Dover and reside in Somersworth for the last 40 years.
4. My Hobbies:
My hobbies, are classic trucks and cars and antiques in general
I have always enjoyed History from the 40’s & 50’s on.
5. My Business Profession or Current Working or Non-Working Environment:
They pretty much know me. However, I did spend 20+ years in the heavy truck towing and air cushion recovery business,
6. Something my fellow Rotarians don’t know about me:
Being second in the state to be credentialed as an Operator and trainer.
7. Final words:
Final Words: Very proud of the work of Rotarians here and around the world.
Thank you Ron for the opportunity to learn more about you as a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Dover.