1. How long have you been in Rotary?
36 Years, I joined in June 1984. Prior to being invited to join Rotary, Dover Secretarial published and mailed the weekly Bing Newsletter from 1978 to 2013.
2. My favorite Rotary moments:
Being the Club Secretary for 16 years. Helping start the RYLA Program in the District in 1991 and served on the committee for 7+ years. Serving as District Secretary for 3 different Dist. Governors. Working with the Interact Club & the school advisors. Going to Venezuela for Rotoplast and being the Team Leader for the GSE group that went to the Caribbean.
3. Where I currently live and where I grew up:
I was born and raised right here in Dover NH and spent most of my life here except when I was in the Army. My parents and grandparents lived and owned businesses in Dover. We are currently the third generation of Dover Chamber Members. If you drive down St. Thomas Street from Central Ave, next to City Hall you will find a “Faces of Dover” plaque with Rinaldi Family pictures.
4. My hobbies:
I enjoy being outside doing yard work or gardening, taking long rides and volunteering within the community.
5. My Business Profession or Current working or Non-working environment:
After I got out of the Army, I worked at Kidder Press/Moore Business Forms on Locust Street starting in the warehouse then in the electrical dept. wiring up office machines. In 1978 Donna and I purchased Dover Secretarial Services & Manpower Temporary Services. In 2001 we sold Manpower but we continue to own and manage the Secretarial business. Donna and I have worked in the same business since we met in 1968. We had 3 business locations over the years, two in Dover and one in Portsmouth. We offered a wide range of services from Temporary help, bookkeeping, database management, executive office rentals and bulk mailings to clients all over the eastern half of the US. We currently work out of our home and maintain a smaller number of clients, many of them have been with us for over 40 years. Our business services are now online bookkeeping and registration management.
6. Something my fellow Rotarians don’t know about me:
Donna and I currently manage the Rotary Leadership Institute online registrations for all of Northern New England (from Canada to New Jersey and west to Pennsylvania).
In June of 1974 we were New Hampshire lottery winners of $5,000 with the Lucky Dollar ticket We were one of 10 winners and one of the 10 won $100,000.
7. Final words:
Rotary has been such a great organization to belong to, it changed my life and really got me involved in the community along with all my fellow Rotarians.  Our Rotary friends have become our family. I always look forward to Wednesday meetings. AND, THANK GOD THE ELECTIONS ARE OVER. 
Thank you Phil for sharing your stories and we love getting to know you.