1. How long have you been in Rotary?
Noreen Biehl invited me to become a Rotarian 23 years ago (I think). I remember we met and had lunch on Central Ave where the car wash is now in front of Dover Bowl. Malcolm was president either when I joined or within the first couple of year and I still remember the weekly lawyer jokes.
2. My favorite Rotary moments:
I have two. The first is the year I was in charge of the hands-on project and we were rehabbing all the public benches in downtown. The day we were scheduled to do the work was the day Sabrina was due to have Grant. I helped do all the pre-work and planning but had wonderful support from other in the club as I might not be able to be there on the day. Sabrina was still pregnant that day and when I showed up there was not much for me to do because others had taken over managing the project. I think Grant was born 4 days later. The second was the honor to be the club president and how much I learned about running the club and being involved in the district.
3. Where I currently live and where I grew up:
I was born in Morristown NJ. My family moved to Gilford, NH when I entered in the fifth grade and lived there until I went to college. I currently live in Lee NH on a 28 acers horse farm for the past 25 years.
4. My Hobbies:
Skiing, golf, hiking, working on the farm, traveling, soccer in the past, woodworking. Note: Grant who is now 20 has been home for more months than a college student should in 2020 decided my woodshop was not up to his standards so he rebuilt it for me (also for himself) together we have work on many projects, and he is getting very good at making furniture and he will consider order.
5. My Business Profession or Current Working or Non-Working Environment.
My profession has always involved working with physician. I started as a financial analyst in a large multispecialty medical group in MA. Then came to Dover to be the administrator of Garrison Women’s Health. Then I went on to become the Director for Wentworth Douglass Corporation. When I started I had 35 primary care providers. 15 years later I am working with 257 providers in 25 different specialties.
6. Something my fellow Rotarians don’t know about me:
I coached both my son and daughters youth soccer team to three state championships and 10 tournament victories.
7. Final words:
I joined Rotary as a way to get acquainted with business colleagues, as an administrator of a medical practice I had no peers. I have stay in Rotary because of the way Rotary gives me the structure to continuously do volunteer work in a very busy work and home life.
Thank you Norm for sharing and allowing us to learn more about you as a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Dover.