Let’s sit back and learn more about Jim.

1. How long have you been in Rotary?

I originally was a member of the Rotary Club of Salem NH/ Methuen MA and was a member for about 10 years. I have been a member of the Dover Club since 2014.

2. My favorite Rotary moments:

Everything about Rotary is important to me. I love how we can pull a project together quickly to address a pressing need in the community like the Homeless outreach project we did last winter or the Read Aloud project we tried to do in response to the Covid Crisis. I also really enjoyed the time us senior Rotarians spent digging holes and building the CAP playground while freezing on a wet november day. I also get great enjoyment from our fellowship events like Thirsty Tuesday and most recently our sports car ride to see the Lupins in bloom. When I was in my former club we provided and cooked meals for the annual Special Olympics basketball tournament. That was a 3 day event and we had a ball. Basically I like to do any event that allows and encourages fellowship with our Rotary family.

3. Where I currently live and where I grew up:

I lived in Massachusetts where I learned to drive for almost 60 years. I’ve lived in Dover since 2013

4. My Hobbies:

I enjoy film photography using my collection of plastic and antique cameras. I’m a life long learner and love to learn new things. I play the Penny Whistle moderately well and have been learning with very limited success to play the fiddle. Since Covid I’ve done a lot of gardening and landscaping along with some DIY projects and I have even started baking bread!

5. My Business Profession or Current Working or Non-Working Environment

My business is MG Print and Promotions which I started in 1986. I sell promotional products, apparel and printed materials of all kinds. I’m semi retired which gives me the luxury of servicing my long time clients and has freed me from the chore of chasing down new clients.

6. Something my fellow Rotarians don’t know about me:

I can’t imagine. I’m pretty much an open book. I’m a child of the 70s and still hold the values that I developed then close to my heart. I’m an avid Beatles fan though I’ve never had a chance to see any of them live. I’m married to Pam my high school sweetheart. We have to adult children, Alison who lives in Dover and Andrew who lives in Epping. Lily, our granddaughter drives me crazy and brightens my day at the same time.

7. Final words:

When I first joined Rotary a mentor told me that “Rotary will change you if you let it” He was right. It makes us better people and better citizens.