At this week's Rotary Club of Dover club meeting, we had the opportunity to learn from Cheryl Saint Amand about the Rotary International Rose Bowl Float whose theme this year is "HOPE CONNECTS THE WORLD".

Our club helped to support this year's RI Rose Bowl Float with a $100.00 donation presented to their RI Rose Bowl Committee. Rotary has had a float in the Rose Bowl Parade for the last 41 years.

Did you know:

  • All the floats have to be decorated with organic material
  • Purpose – extensive publicity for Rotary
  • Organized by a separate organization from Rotary itself
  • Floats all put into a park and people may pay to visit floats close-up
  • Roses start coming in three days ahead, each one with a water container, have to be put in precisely with no spaces. $3/rose is the cost. Water containers are saved and recycled next year.
  • 2018 was Year of the Bunny – Rotary float won the Princess Trophy
  • Organizing entity has to raise the money - may ride the float or walk alongside for a substantial donation
  • 30 people on the team
  • $100 to sit in seating near judges

Clubs and individuals can donate: