The Rotary Club of Dover was honored to attend the Rotary District 7780 with our Rotary Club of Dover NH World Understanding And Peace Dinner with so many of our fellow Rotarians.

Each year, the Rotary Foundation awards a number of Peace Fellows. These are full scholarship Masters Degree programs that are awarded to young people around the world to attain their degrees in a field of study that will help bring peace to the world. The degree programs are offered at different universities around the world that have been designated as Rotary Peace Centers.

In 2010 Rachel Davidson was a Peace Fellow in Argentina. She has since become an attorney focusing on immigration law and specifically defending and supporting the rights of youthful immigrants. At this week’s dinner, Rachel shared her story of defending young immigrants in NYC and at the southern border. She told of the horrors that motivate people to immigrate and worse, she told of the horrors they are experiencing under our current administration. She told us of how laws passed by our congress to protect youthful immigrants have either been ignored or convoluted by ICE, CBP and the immigration courts. She also told of the abuse she dealt with personally from agents of our government for merely representing her clients at the southern border.

This is not just news from CNN or FOX. This is a first person account from a brilliant young woman who deals with the problem on a daily basis. This needs to stop, as we are tired of hearing people say, "I don't mind immigrants as long as they come here legally." These people are trying to come here legally and our government has made it nearly impossible.

”We are not Republicans or Democrats. We are Humans”